Google doodles Romanian physicist Tefania Mărăcineanu on his 140th birth anniversary

By:  Mind ved

Google today paid tribute to Romanian physicist Tefania Mărăcinenu on her 140th birthday with a doodle.

She was a physicist Morecinenu, one of the leading women in the discovery and research of radioactivity. Her contribution was great.

He devoted all his time to research on artificial rain, for which he also considered it important to go to Algeria for his tests.

Returning after four years of work at the Astronomical Observatory in Medon, the physicist built Romania's first laboratory for the study of radioactivity.

In 1910, Mrăcineanu received a degree in physical and chemical sciences and began her career as a teacher at the Central School for Girls in Bucharest.

Morecinenu began work on his PhD thesis on polonium, an element discovered by Curie.📷

In 1936, his work was recognized by the Academy of Sciences of Romania, where he was also selected to serve as Director of Research.

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