Mindblowing! A strawberry supermoon will rise on Tuesday

By:  Mind ved

The moon will look unusually full and bright on Tuesday night, and you won't need a high-tech telescope or fancy binoculars to admire it.

June's full moon is commonly known as the strawberry moon

a name that comes from the Algonquin Native American tribe in the northeastern U.S. and eastern Canada and refers to the region's strawberry harvesting season

And this June, it happens to be at its closest distance to Earth in its orbit, making it a supermoon by most standards.

NASA says a supermoon appears about 17% bigger and 30% brighter than the faintest moon of the year

Supermoons are relatively rare, happening three to four times a year and always consecutively.

It's visible to the naked eye, but you could also use binoculars or a livestream

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