30-Minute Full Body Workout At Home without Equipment

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Workout At Home can be a lifesaver, especially in this time you cannot get to the gym and if you can go to the gym but how realistic are they safe is questionable.


Workout and exercise are vital for a healthy brain and body. It boosts your metabolism which is good for your digestion and absorption.


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Always start your workout with a good warm-up it will help you to increased your flexibility, lower the risk of injury, improved performance.

1. Jogging/spot jumping

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Push-ups are a great bodyweight exercise to build upper body strength. The movement includes your chest, triceps, and shoulder muscles.

2. Push-ups

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Use a dumbbell, water bottle, or brick for it. It strengthens up your front upper and lower arms.

3. Biceps curl

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Squats strengthen your lower body which includes thighs, gluteus, hamstring, calves, and hip flexors muscles

4. Squats

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It strengthens up your abdominal muscles and core. Breathing plays a crucial role in crunches, exhale on your way up to the crunch and inhale on your way down to starting position.

4. Crunches

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Plank is the most effective exercise to strengthen up your core, back, neck, shoulder, and chest muscles.

5. Plank

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Important things

Pre-workout– have a meal 1 hour before a workout that is high in carbohydrates.

Post-workout – have something which is high in protein it will help you to repair the muscle damage.

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