Self Care and Treatment of Women During Pregnancy in 2022

Pregnancy ……. The journey from conception to birth …. Blooming life inside the womb!

It is the best time for looking after yourself so you can grow a strong, healthy baby. During pregnancy woman’s body undergoes a lot of transformations- Physically and Mentally too. Some changes are visible such as expanding belly, weight gain, etc. Some are invisible such as morning sickness, backache, mood swings, etc. 

Self-Care During Pregnancy Is the First Gift That the Mother Can Give to Her Child’- Mary Thomson

Self Care and Treatment of Women During Pregnancy includes -Diet, exercise, Meditation, Sleep/Rest, Personal Hygiene and Immunization, etc.

6 Best Self Care During Pregnancy Tips:

  • Take a healthy Diet
  • Do a Regular Exercise and Yoga
  • Do Meditation
  • Take Proper Sleep/Rest
  • Take Care of Personal Hygiene
  • Immunization

Take a healthy Diet:

Food is one of the fundamentals of life. A healthy diet is always important but during pregnancy, it can support the health of the mother and the baby.  

A diet consisting of a variety of different types of food and providing adequate amounts of the nutrients necessary during pregnancy. 

Avoid stuffing the food continuously in the stomach. It will create digestion issues. Depending upon digestive capacity, the quantity of food should be decided. The diet should be light, easily digestible, fresh, nutritious, and rich in protein, vitamins & minerals. 

Instead of processed food, always prefer home-cooked fresh food. All the tastes like sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and astringent should be included in the diet. 

Include a variety of foods such as cereals like rice, wheat, and millets, pulses, leafy vegetables, roots & tubers like sweet potatoes, ginger, etc. dried fruits, milk & milk products, fruits, and egg, meat, fish, poultry (for non-vegetarian).

Local and seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables should be used. 

Drink enough potable water whenever you are thirsty. Water cannot be substituted by cold drinks or beverages. 

Try to prepare different healthy recipes to satisfy the food cravings felt by the mother during pregnancy. 

Say no to smoke, drugs, and alcohol.

In case of any health issues like diabetes, hypertension, etc. consult with a doctor or dietitian and modify diet accordingly.

Do a Regular Exercise and Yoga:

Maintaining a regular exercise routine throughout your pregnancy can help

 you to stay healthy.  

It can improve your posture & decrease some common discomforts like backaches & fatigue, constipation, bloating, and swelling.

Strong muscles and a healthy heart can greatly ease labor and delivery. 

Exercises like walking, swimming, indoor cycling, yoga are best. Yoga and pranayama can train you to breathe deeply and relax consciously which helps your body for labor and delivery.

It is always recommended to do Exercise or Yoga under the supervision of an instructor. 

Note: You will get more details of exercises in our blog’ Best Exercises During Pregnancy

Do Meditation:

Meditation plays a key role to cope with a variety of physical & emotional stresses during pregnancy, enabling you to relax and focus your concentration, reduce stress, enhance peace of mind. 

When the baby’s senses develop, it can sense every emotion that you undergo. It is very important to stay happy, relaxed & peaceful.

Prenatal stress can also impact fetal development. It can affect cognitive, emotional, and physical development in infancy and childhood. 

Positive thoughts create a good impact on the baby. Listening to music, chants, reading books, being creative will help you to create a positive environment. Stay away from horror or violent films.

Many hospitals or yoga centers run Prenatal care programs where they teach exercises, yoga, meditation, and garbhasanskar (Garbha means Fetus, and Sanskar means educating the mind of the fetus). Garbhasanskara covers pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and the breastfeeding phase.

Take Proper Sleep/Rest:

Sleep should not be seen as a luxury. It is a necessity especially when you are pregnant.

The amount of sleep you get not only affects you and your baby but could impact your labor and delivery as well. 

Lack of sleep during pregnancy creates complications. It affects your blood pressure.

A pregnant woman needs a few more hours of sleep each night or should supplement nighttime sleep with naps during the day, according to the National Institute of Health.

Take rest whenever you feel exhausted.           

Take Care of Personal Hygiene:

Personal Hygiene prevents acquiring infection and also from transmitting to the baby.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy can cause excess sweat, more vaginal discharge, and dry, scaly skin, etc. and they may be more vulnerable to infection by the germs in the environment. 

Your overall hygiene will be taken care of by concentrating on broadly your personal & dietary hygiene.

Bathing, twice a day is recommended with intimate cleaning to be done each time. Use lukewarm water, not very hot or cold. Bathing in the bathtub is not recommended.

To prevent dry, scaly skin or stretch marks by keeping your skin hydrated with suitable moisturizer or oil.

Avoid using a lot of chemicals, sprays, body wash, etc.

Wear comfortable and breathable clothes. Undergarments should be washed daily. Tight clothes should be avoided as they hamper blood circulation. A well-fitted support bra should be worn for enlarging breasts.

Footwear should be comfortable and non-slippery. High heels not recommend.

To avoid dental issues and maintain good oral hygiene, brush twice a day. Avoid major dental fixes which require anesthesia which may affect the baby.

Hands wash before and after eating and after using toilets is a must.

Nails should be trimmed properly to avoid the deposition of dirt under the nails.


Do immunization and take supplementary medicines as per the doctor’s prescription.

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Pregnancy is not only for caring for the baby it’s about you too. Physical, emotional, and spiritual Self Care and Treatment of Women During Pregnancy is a key to a happier and healthier version of you.

Best wishes to Moms-to-be!


Q.  Can I travel during Pregnancy?

A.  Safer period for travel during pregnancy is between 14th- 28th weeks. Consult with a doctor before you plan for travel.

Q.  Can you share additional self-care tips for working pregnant women?

A.  1. Always keep healthy snacks like dry fruits, popcorn, boiled egg, roasted peanuts, fruits, etc. with you at work, 2. Don’t stand or sit continuously, change position, take breaks and walk around the office. 3. Use a chair if you have a standing job and a small table under the desk and put your legs on it, if you have a sitting job 4. Keep emergency contact numbers and addresses handy.

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