What is Chakra Meditation – Easy Beginner’s Guide

Ayurveda and different yoga traditions such as Tantra and kundalini traditions, from which the concept derives, chakras (Sanskrit word- cakra).  

What does Chakra mean?



The Chakras are the epicenter of meditation within the human body. Chakra meditation is referred to as an energy center resembling discs or wheels or flowers at those points where several ‘Nadis (energy channels or meridians) come together and unite. 

There are several different chakra systems as per the different traditions, mentioning numerous numbers and arrangements of chakras, each one has a unique vibrational frequency and healing potency. 

Know More About Chakras

As per the Sadguru (Isha Foundation), The human body is a complex energy form having 114 chakras and 72,000 nadis. When these nadis meet each other in the body and forms a triangle. Even though it is a triangle, we call it a chakra. 

Out of these 114 chakras, two chakras are outside the body. Four are just flowers and the remaining 108 are only important.

To live a full-fledged physical and social life, the human being needs only 21 chakras active in the body, 3 chakras functioning as a single set, thus 21 chakras connected with number 7 (The Seven Chakras). 

Seven chakras are placed at seven different points on the spinal cord, and all these are connected to the various organs and glands within the human body. 

What Are the Seven Chakras? 

7 ChakrasSanskrit NameMeaning and connectionLocation
Crown ChakraSahasraraThe connection between universe and soul, the individual’s center of spirit, enlightenment, wisdom, universal consciousnessabove the crown of the head
Third Eye ChakraAjnaBeyond wisdom, intuition, seeing beyond the physical formBetween the eyebrows
Throat ChakraVishuddhaEspecially pure and associated with speaking up, self-expression, and also with hearing and being heardAt the base of the throat, 
Heart ChakraAnahataunstruck or unbeaten sound: sound produced without touching two partsthe center of the chest area, near the heart
Solar Plexus ChakraManipuraIn the Sanskrit language, mani means “gem,” and Pura means “city”. And Manipura means “city of jewels,”. Metaphorically, it is our personal treasure center of power and well-being. behind the navel
Sacral ChakraSwadhisthanaabode of the self, it is connected with your creativity, sensitivity, sexuality, intimacy, emotional well-being, pleasure.at the lower belly and pelvis
Root ChakraMuladharaMula means “root” and Adhara means “support” or “base.” It is responsible for the sense of security and stability.at the base of the spine

What Is the Chakra Meditation?

Chakra meditation is the meditation that is done for opening or unblocking the chakras and controls the power of these energy centers located throughout the body for an enlightened, blissful, peaceful, and spiritual life.

How to Practice Chakra Meditation?

  • Sit with the spine upright in a comfortable position.
  • Close your eyes and concentrate on chakras. Energize each chakra is the goal of the Chakra meditation. Remember, go through the chakras from bottom to top means from Root chakra to Crown chakra.
  • Take a steady and deep breath. Imagine the chakras as disc or lotus flowers, and energy is swirling in the chakras and makes them strong and brighter. Breathe out and imagine all the stress and negativity flowing out of the chakra. Repeat this with the same chakra, if necessary, before proceeding to the next chakra.
  • Then move up to sacral chakra, do the same process. Then the solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra, and finally the crown chakra respectively.
  • After energizing the crown chakra, visualize all the chakra systems and see the chakras and your aura become brighter, clearer and the energy is flowing seamlessly through all the chakras. 
  • Slowly open your eyes and relax for a minute with open eyes. Pay attention to the changes or feelings in your body and mind. 

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In the Chakra meditation, the energy freely flows throughout your body and allows for a strong connection between your mind and body. By practicing chakra meditation, our mind settles down, and we connected with our inner self.


Q. How long will the Chakra meditation take?

A. Thirty minutes of meditation is required to fully open the chakras. If you are practicing any one chakra, then it requires less time.

Q. How much time do we have to spend on each chakra?

A. whole chakra meditation should take half an hour. So, you can dedicate 3-4 minutes to each chakra.

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