Guided Meditation for Kids Sleep to deep in 2022

Sleep is the most important thing for kids age and Meditation for Kids Sleep is very difficult to teach at that age. But we should not teach them meditation only for concentration and focus but to teach them how to care for their own body.

How to teach a kid to meditate? If you tell them to meditate on their own, then they may not be able to do it. But if you also start meditation with them, then only they will follow you. 

Meditation for Kids Sleep

Meditation for Kids Sleep

The children are very innocent. If he starts focusing on early age meditation it will not only improve focus but also can able to manage unwanted emotions, anger and be as good well-being.

When he gets older, he will be able to manage his problems with great solutions peacefully. It can also help to manage stress and depression.

Doctors suggest teaching meditation for kids as a part of the daily routine of his life. Daily practicing meditation can increase the level of interest in meditating.

Step by Step Meditation for Kids:

 1. Gibberish- Kids love gibberish. We have to speak along with music played in the background. This type of music meditation tempo is to be performed with music, simultaneously play Gibberish with kids, we will make a sound and shake our neck with them and move the hand and belly, then we will move the body with Gibberish.  Whatever their thoughts or feelings are holding in children are expressed and feels relaxed. Now stop the music for 5 min later.

 2. Humming method- After the gibberish game, the kids get tired, Let them sit in meditation posture and close their eyes. We will be humming along with them. This will soothe their body and create energy. It will feel the vibration and peace. We will do this for 5 minutes and then open our eyes.

 3. Listening to Music- Try to play light and relaxing music for them. The music should start with a low tempo and slowly increasing in high tempo at the middle patch of music and then again decreasing into low tempo at the end. Children should dance easily from left to right moves along with the music. At last, lie on the ground and relax for 5 minutes.

 4. Breathing- Exercise breathing in out before bedtime will help children relax their minds and bodies. So that they will sleep peacefully. Children’s minds and bodies will be completely relaxed before bedtime.

These 4 steps of meditation can definitely help the kid for a long time in their life.

Benefits of Meditation for Kids:

 1. Increased concentration and focus.

 2. Healthy sleep.

 3. Grows into good well-being.

 4. Decreases Irritability and increases peace and self-regulation.

 5. Always in a happy mood and 100% attention in all curriculum activities.

All these steps can help them to make a habit daily. Early in the morning and before going to bed at night is a very good time for meditation. With regular practice, children can see improvement in their academic results as well their health and well-being. Researchers have found that the children who meditate daily get high scores in happiness, emotional management, and anxiety reduction. This leads to a confident and healthy life.

Guided Meditation:

 In Guided meditation, tell the kids favorite story or sing a piece of favorite nighttime music to their children. By listening to a story or music children go into a deep sleep slowly. Here are some links:

Meditation for Kids Sleep

Read More:


Meditation for Kids Sleep should be engaged in mindful activities which increases creativity and strength.

Make meditation a habit into their daily routines which can help them to improve brain integrity and efficiency. Daily Meditation for Kids can grow into happy and strong well-being.

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