How to Find Peace of Mind-  7 Steps Meditation for a Peaceful Mind

Let’s see how he understands the mind.  Our mind, like a Wrestler, applies oil on the body, the more emphasis we put on it, the more it will slip from our hand. We need to control our minds with care and love, positive thoughts.

How to get a Peaceful Mind?

How to get a Peaceful Mind

So how can we overcome these bad thoughts or negative minds? We just relate to our past and do not live fully in the present situation. We keep on worrying about our future. Here is the solution is to understand our own mind and to control it and get experience Peaceful mind and peaceful life.

The Origins Peace of Mind

When we are born, we have neither past nor future.  We are listening, watching, and feeling, doing whatever we love it.  We are in peace since childhood. No expectations and no responsibilities.

As we grow up, our memory is filled with the past, present, and future.  Some situations or moments are full of our sorrow, some are full of happiness.  We do not like the situation filled with grief to remember. 

But the more we try to forget, the more we remember it.  If anything resembles the present past, then How to get a Peaceful Mind? we keep on thinking about the bad that happened. 

We make our minds so habitual that we start linking ourselves, and keep ourselves in misery.  We are not able to live in the real present situations. 

 Meditation for a Peaceful Mind

 1.  Sit comfortably.  Start the mediation mantra. Our body should be relaxed. Recollect all our memories.

 2.  Dive into your childhood, the things you shared with friends, fights, happiness, and family moments. Think about Who I am? You are stardust from the universe, how you got here on earth. What is the achieving thing in life? What is the target being born on earth?

 3. We have two lives, the life in thoughts and the life we live in reality. For this we need to learn freedom, it helps to maintain the balance between our thoughts and present life.

 4.  Whenever we see bad memory or good memory, then we have to release it completely, whatever happened.  Learn to trust yourself and manage the fear of abstract thoughts.

 5.  Learn to enjoy each and every moment with a peaceful mind. Replace the bad memory with a good memory. Live to balance from living in thoughts towards living in happy and peaceful experiences.

6. Try to leave the thoughts and just look around at what is happening around us. Walk around nature and spend time lonely to experience inner silence and the stillness of our well-being. This will help to live in the present moment apart from thinking.

 7.  Recollect your past, forgive the bad ones, forget the bad moments and feel gratitude towards everyone in the past. Apologize for all the feelings and emotions from the mind. Focus on the present.  This will help us to focus on the future. We can start living a truly living life with kindness, loyalty, humbleness, and goodness. The more we keep our past memory or keep unsolved, the more we will get away from peace.  So it is important to resolve all the thoughts.

When our memory is clear, our mind starts running smoothly.  This gives us a peaceful mind.  Our past mind is like a mobile.  If memories are full, the memory database gets full. And our memory gets hung which does not allow us to move forward.  Our energy gets drowned with such over-exhausted memories. 

To get away from such memories we will start counting 1 to 100 count and close our eyes, with deep breathing during meditation, and visualize all our memories. If we are feeling like crying, cry aloud.  We will try to memorize it until we feel calm and light.  Then slowly reverse 100 to 0 count and open your eyes slowly.

The day we will be able to speak 100 to 0 completely consciously and relaxed without any past thoughts, that day we will be completely free from our past memories.  Do meditation with good music to relax. 

Practice this method for 21 days. On the last day, you will feel that you are now able to control your thoughts. With such daily practice, you will be able to achieve a state of peaceful mind in life with limited and useful thoughts.

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Meditation helps us to explore and increase our better understanding. It helps to control our thought and achieve our inner peace. It solves or conflicts between our beliefs and mind.

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