Letting Go and Letting God Take Control in 2022

Letting Go and Letting God

Letting Go and Letting God

Letting Go

The simple meaning of Letting go is detachment, the removing of attachments to anything that makes you suffer or unhappy. And why it is so important in our life? Why we cannot enjoy life in the present?

Here is the answer. The human brain has a collection of memories and thoughts from the past and the future.

Memories are either of good experiences or bad experiences and sufferings, but our brain catches them like a magnet and holds it tightly.

Our belief system which we created based on our experiences or sufferings, decides the memories are good or bad.

Now, it is a known fact that one cannot travel easily on the path of life with lots of burdens on one’s head.

These burdens of beliefs restrict us or stop us from taking new steps in the present or enjoy life in the present. Here Letting go mantra or chant is useful. 

How do we do it?

We stored unwanted memories like treasure. But day by day they become heavier for us. And slowly and gradually they started rotten our life. Letting go of the clutter of memories helps us to build a better present. 

Look at every moment as a chance to let go. You learn to let go in two ways- by continuously talking to yourself in a normal state and by doing meditation.

Talking to oneself in the normal state of mind is less effective than meditation because it usually does not get transferred to the deeper layers of the mind.

Therefore, one needs to meditate, because whatever one says to oneself in the meditative state gets quickly imbibed in the mind and has an immediate effect in our real life. It acts as an attachment buster. 

Here are the steps of the let go process.

  • Throw off every memory or thought of the past that hinders us. 
  • Deeply understand what you think is problematic at present
  • Identify your feelings now 
  • The reason behind it and 
  • Let go and let God practice

Let Go and Let God!

It’s a phrase you may hear many times. When things go out of your control….let go and let God.

“Let go” means to let go of self-will and self-power means this is surrender. “Let God” means to trust in God’s will and God’s power and this is faith. Ultimately, when you surrender up your will and power to God, you are transferring your dependence to God from self.

It is telling God that we are not big enough to deal with our problems. Trust and believe that God is always with you. Don’t have to worry, God always does best for you. God will enlighten your darkness.

Practice this prayer during meditation. Do this practice daily or whenever you are needing to let go and recharge with love and joy. Recommit to living a radiant passionate life.

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The most powerful chanting in the world is letting go. It helps to flush out negative memories stored in our subconscious minds. Repeat it till it becomes an unconscious habit and gets absorbed by the deeper layer of the mind. Let’s start!

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