Best Meditation at Bedtime in 2022

When we go for bedtime, then it appears as though suddenly the mind goes into thoughts of whatever happened throughout the day. We keep on thinking all about the bad and good events that occurred during our day.

How to sleep peacefully? Can we get relaxed before bedtime and have a good night’s sleep? let’s see How to do Meditation at Bedtime?

How to do Meditation at Bedtime?

how to meditation at bedtime

Mediation is the only answer for all above the questions. When we Prepare for Bedtime Meditation we must remember one important thing that is if you are having a veg meal at night then meditate after one hour and if you are having a non-veg meal at night then you can meditate after 3 hours as the body needs more energy to digest the non-veg meal properly. 

Now sit in comfortable meditation posture on the floor or bed, it depends on our physical strength.  Take a deep break and closed your eyes. Do not force your thoughts to force your mind to recollect them.

Focus on your mindfulness and welcome the present emotions. After this recall your mind that I cannot remember that I had done anything wrong today or What happened in the morning? What happened in the afternoon?  If you were in the school, college or office then think about what happened today and how did you managed the activities during the day.

Feel what was good and what was lesson learning today. Just keep the focus on the present and welcoming the thoughts coming now in your mind with a non-judgmental sense.

We have to observe and understand the situations that happened throughout the day calmly in the meditation process. If I said something to someone today, can this affect things incomplete task in the work?  What should I have said?  Was my behavior was good or rude in that situation?  The mind needs to ask a question for every situation occurred.

By asking such types of questions to self will help to improve and handle our overactive mind over tough situations in the future.

Meditation can help to calm our minds and helps to improve our good quality of sleep. We should remove the waste or inactive thoughts from the mind on time. 

Practice during Bedtime Meditation

  1.  Seat in meditation posture and close your eyes.  Review your morning to night activity.
  2.  See what you did and what you want to achieve.  
  3.  Get involved in your positive and negative event occurred today. 
  4. Then focus on the breath in and breath out.  Breath slowly.
  5.   If your mind is wandering, slowly shift your focus back to your body. Remove all distractions from your bedroom.
  6. Try listening to soft meditation music during bedtime. Relax your whole body muscles and focus on your slow breathing with closed eyes.
  7.  Now go for a good night calm sleep. Practice these steps for several weeks with mindfulness.

Benefits of Bedtime Meditation

With such practice, our minds will feel empty. By such regular practice, will relieve stress, anxiety and will improve our sleep hormone called melatonin. meditation at bedtime improves our nervous system which leads to nice, stress-free sleep.

Ultimately by being present, we should be able to enjoy our life. Avoid overthinking thoughts about our past and future that will help to leave in a better way to be ourselves. 

Our present can be lived fully with challenging life and can easily maintain the balance between work, home, social life, family, and personal life. Every tomorrow, we will be able to live afresh.

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If we keep our minds free at bedtime, then we can sleep in peace and calmly.  With such good quality sleep, we can remain positive and energetic throughout the day. 

Meditation at bedtime is a great tool to lead good life forever. Meditation gives us a space to relax both our mind and body as well.

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