What is the Meaning of OM(AUM)?

What is the Meaning of OM?

what is the meaning of om aum

Our saints believe that the word ‘Om’ is always visible to us this is a powerful sound where our inner power connects with the sound of the universe.  

The sound of our internal energy and the energy of the universe are the same.  Saints believe that the origin of the universe started with a magical sound called “OM”. OM is pronounced as a long O followed by vibrating m, it’s more of an ah-oo-mm.

Whatever the world is, our body is all mortal.  This sound is creative which represents our universe When we chant “OM”, we are able to connect with the sound inside us and the sound of the universe.

We are awakened by chanting Om during meditation. In the Hindu mantra, the beginning of all mantras begins with “Om”.  Because that is the blessing of our universe, our creator. 

 When we can hear this voice we can hear ourselves, our emotions get awakened, we feel conscious about ourselves.

You will get enlightenment on hearing the voice of the ultimate power  You will be able to know the reason for our birth and able to understand our karma in our life.  

 1. When we chant Om, then we feel a vibration in our body.  And we start attaining consciousness. These vibrations are created from the universe, spreads through the air, and then it is interpreted by our brain and enlightens our soul.

 2. When we are stressed up or full in thoughts, we can recite the “OM” mantra by 108 times.  We will feel a vibration in our brain and our stress gets released. While chanting OM mind coordinates with our breath which brings the person into the state of consciousness.

 3. We have to feel absolutely in a peaceful state, sometimes we are not able to meditate because of our physical discomfort or mental stress while sitting in a meditation posture. Thus we need to chant  OM which creates vibrations in our body, we can stay in contact with the spiritual energy of the universe which keeps our mind in control and focused.

 4. Our whole body gets healed. After a deep breath, When we pronounce ‘A’, then this sound comes from our stomach.  And when we progress to pronounce ‘U’ it comes through our heart.  And the sound of ‘M’ comes from our throats.  In the same way, Om’s voice resonates in our nasal veins.  We connect our whole body with the divine.  We are able to heal ourselves. AS our intentions are clear we are able to focus on our life out coming to every problem.

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Meditation with OM magical sound purifies our surrounding environment and creates positive energy.

It is the sound of the ultimate mantra that unites us to the ultimate power and the sound Om is represented in each and every form of world and space.  We feel energetic by chanting the eternal sound “OM”.

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