What are Indian Swastika Meaning and 5 importance of the Swastika Symbol?

Religious symbols play an important role in all religions. Each symbol has its own energy power. Indian Swastika Meaning symbol is bonded the human being with supreme power.

One of the auspicious and extensively used since ancient times in all Hindu rituals is called “Swastika”.

The Indian Swastika Meaning

Indian swastika sign” is the most prominent symbol in the Hindu religion. It is the symbol of the Sun, It signifies the continued progress in our life.

It is a Sanskrit word as Su= Good and Asti- To Be. We should always make use of Swastika in our daily puja rituals. This symbol invites Good Luck, Well-being, and positive effect in our life. It resembles four arms towards the right angle.

Indian Swastika Meaning importance

Let’s see the importance of the Swastika Symbol as follows:

  • The four arms represent the four directions in outside to inner manner as east, west, north-south. the central point represents the origin of Lord Brahma(Brahmasathan)
  • The four aims or Purusharthas are Religion(Dharma), Meaning(Artha), Deed(Kaam), Salvation(Moksha)
  • The four goals to gain salvation are liberation(Salokhya), Proximity(Samipya), Uniformity (Sarupya ), Merge(Sayujya).
  • The four consciousness elements of mind are Mind (Mann), Wisdom(Buddhi), ego (Ahankar), Consciousness(Chitta)
  • Next four devotion elements are Reverence(Shradhha ) ,Trust(Vishwas), Love( Prem) Dedication( Samarpan)

Points to remember while drawing the symbol as follows:

  • Lines should not cross each other as it is a powerful energy symbol, if crossed it may spread negative energy around us.
  • Lines should be in an opposite facing direction it should be drawn from outer to inner flow towards the origin of Lord Brahma place at the center.
  • It should be drawn only by right hand with right ring finger in puja rituals. Dots in between arms. It should be made up of Kumkum or Haldi.
  • The Symbol is believed to bring power and good luck to our house.

What are the Vastu Shashtra benefits from Swastika?

It is believed that the Indian swastika sign has a lot of positive effects on our home. It removes the evil and negative energy and brings peace to the home. It should be drawn at the entrance of our home or place where you worship god.

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Swastika Symbol symbolizes the Lord Sun, the never-ending light and heat energy in-universe. The Indian Swastika Meaning as “Good Fortune” which is associated with Good Luck.

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