What is a Spirituality Awakening? and 15 Signs

What is Spirituality?

What is a Spirituality Awakening

Spirituality is something about the sense of connection with yourself. It is a certain way of being yourself. We grow our body, mind, feelings with purity, which is something which reflects within you, this is called spirituality.

When we are born God has given us a “Life’ which is the greatest thing. Our life becomes a powerful and blissful experience when you want to know what could have created this.

If you want to know from where have been created? The most beautiful part of creation for you is your own “Body”, Your “Soul”. Isn’t it beautiful to know? There is a creator within you. You should know the creation within yourself.

Spirituality and religious activity are a source of comfort and peace. While people use many different religions and ways to find God or to express their spirituality. ​Researchers have shown that those who are more religious have good benefits for their health and well-being.

Spirituality is connected to many questions about life as follows:

  1. Am I a creator of my own life?
  2. What is the meaning of my suffering?
  3. What is my connection to the world around me and connection with God?
  4. How can I live my life full of enjoyable moments?

What is the relationship between religion and spirituality?

Religion and spirituality are not the same thing but are distinct from one another. 

In spirituality, the questions are: where do I personally find the meaning of my life?

In religion, the questions are: what is true and right about my life?

Religion is a set of religious beliefs. It is the worship of God. Religions are most often based upon the beliefs of a historical Spirituality, on the other hand, it is an experience of connection to something larger than you.

Spirituality is the feature of humanity that connects to yourself. Religion is about faith. Belief in the religion’s teachings. Through religion, you are taught to have faith in God which leads to ultimate salvation.

Spirituality doesn’t affect faith it is a direct experience of the soul. Spiritual practices such as meditation, yoga makes you conscious with more expanded states of consciousness. You know something because you have the experience of yourself.

What is a Spirituality Awakening?

Spiritual Awakening can be called the illusion that you are separate from oneness. One can realize through his body, heart, mind, and soul, but you can see how limited you have been in many things.

It is a very clear understanding of what is real versus what is illusory. In awakening, it means giving up all our false beliefs and illusions around us. We feel so strongly that our unconscious mind might feel like this is all “happening to you.”

We all feel aware every day of being angry, sad or, happy. But are we aware of these emotions? Spiritual awareness is very deep it is an extraordinary state of mind. It goes superficial awareness through our five sensory organs. It is very deep than emotions or things around us.

No matter how you come with your inner being you will experience many beautiful perceptions as a result.

What are the signs which show that we are awakening spiritually?

Below are the 15 signs as follows:

  • Shifting in reality
  • A Deep feeling of inner peace and joy.
  • An awareness of your eternal nature
  • Becoming aware of our own power with the comparison of reality
  • Forgiving and loving yourself and others around us
  • Seeing yourself with love and compassion for your life
  • There is an increase in intuitions, you start listening of feelings behind the words of people
  • You are not interested at all in gossips or judgments of others
  • You are not interested in TV or Social media, but like to spend time alone
  • You will experience the inner freedom
  • Your priority is changed from materialistic things to the spiritual one
  • You will feel like dream state that is you are awake, but you will feel like that life is a dream
  • You become more crystal-clear behavior. You desire to live a very simple life
  • Nature addiction, there will be love towards nature
  • You may experience a lot of emotional changes during awakening

There is a story of Lord Ganesha and his brother Lord Karthikeya. One day the two brothers have raced three times around the world. Whoever finishes first will win. When the time started Lord Karthikeya sat on his vehicle that is his Peacock.

He flew away with a speed around the world. He flew around continents and the mountains for the first time. Then he went around the seven seas and islands for a second time. He went around the third time over frozen poles.

All this time, Lord Ganesha was just watching his brother. When his Brother Lord Karthikeya returned, Lord Ganesha went to his parents and circularly moved around them for three-time before his brother come back and declared that he had won! Lord Karthikeya couldn’t trust Lord Ganesha. He asked his brother to explain that how he won? Lord Ganesha said You went around the whole world, but I went around my world that is “Our Parents.”

When most people think about spirituality that it is everything outside their body and mind. They think spirituality begins externally by thinking about the universe. Spiritual awareness is not an external process but an inner enlightenment process of our soul.

As per Lord Ganesha’s story, spiritual awareness is about our OWN world, not the EXTERNAL world. To be spiritually aware, you need to be self-aware first. Spirituality’s personal experience might be different for everyone.

Spirituality is a simple connection between soul and body. Our connection with God or Universe gets strengthened. We experience love, peace, bliss, and freedom from all fears. The journey of spirituality is a “Wonderful” experience.

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Sometimes in life, we lose something before we can appreciate the deeper things of life. You can enhance everything about yourself. Self-acknowledgment and appreciation are the basic tools of awareness to move forward and achieve higher goals in our life.

Spirituality explains the actual purpose of life for the person. If a person wants to know why he is born? Spiritual life can give him the answer to this question.

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