7 Easy Yoga Poses for Two People and Benefits

You can call Easy Yoga Poses for Two People as a partner yoga or couple yoga or Acro yoga. It is not only for couples but you can choose a partner from family, friends, yoga class buddies, or office colleagues also.

Traditionally, Yoga is considered a solo practice. But in the modern era, few modifications inculcate in it to attract the young generation towards Yoga. In Sanskrit, the meaning of Yoga is’ union’ and this is the exact aim of partner yoga.

Benefits of Easy Yoga Poses for Two People

  • It improves posture, strengthens muscles, tones your body.
  • It enhances physical and emotional bond, which is the basis of any relationship.
  • It enhances communication and trust.
  • You learn to let go and it brings a fun and creative approach to your life.
  • It is a touch therapy to reduces anxiety and stress. It is blissful for the couple. Touch conveys the thoughts and feelings to each other, thus connects the minds.

Before you begin, you should know the important rules

Warm-up: Warm-up exercises are simple stretches that relieve the stiffness of the muscles and joints. You and your partner should go to warm-up exercises before practicing yoga poses.

Communication: It is most important to communicate well while doing yoga poses for two or more people. Communicate when you are going for the next step or anyone feels discomfort doing the steps etc. If you both are not comfortable in doing the pose, you can communicate with the third person and take help from him. 

Gentle start and be patient: Everyone has different flexibility or learning level. Start with easy moves and wait for perfection in you and your partner. Once you have command on it, then move forward. And don’t underestimate your partner for his/her mistakes. Take it as fun. 

Let’s begin the Easy Yoga Poses for Two People!

7 Easy Yoga Poses for Two People

1. Back-to-back seated meditation or breathing

Benefits: It improves mindfulness and connection between each other.

How to do back-to-back seated breathing

  • Sit in a comfortable position facing opposite to each other and backs resting.
  • Close your eyes or keep them focused on one point.
  • Take deep breaths, and feel the support of your partner behind.
  • When deep breaths calm down your body, you can feel the breath of your partner.
  • Stay in position as long as you feel comfortable and connected.

2. Seated Facing Twist Pose  

Benefits: It tones your abdomen and stretches the back muscles.

How to do seated facing twist pose

  • Sit cross-legged opposite to each other, touching each other’s knees.
  • Lift your and partner’s right arms upward, keep your and partner’s left hand behind the back.
  • Extend right arms towards partner’s left wrists and hold it and pull it.
  • When you feel a twist in your body, gently release the pose.
  • Do it also for another side.

3. Twin tree 

Benefits: It improves stability and balance.

How to do tween tree pose:

  • Stand erect next to your partner, a few feet apart, looking in the same direction.
  • Raise your inner arms upwards and try to touch each other’s fingers. Press the palm of your outer arms on your partner’s palm.
  • Lift the outer foot by bending at the knee and touch the bottom of your foot on the thighs of the inner legs.
  • Hold this position for few seconds and release slowly.
  • Repeat it by facing the opposite direction.

4. Chair pose 

Benefits: It strengthens and stretches the muscles of the lower body.

How to do chair pose

  • Stand erect facing each other and keep a foot’s distance between legs.
  • Hold your partner’s hands at the wrist and step backward to ensure you cannot move further apart.
  • Exhale and sit down in a squat position until your thighs are parallel to the floor.
  • Hold this position and focus on your breathing.
  • After few seconds, return to the initial position.

5. Back-to-Back Chair Pose

Benefits: It strengthens the quads and improves posture

How to do back-to-back chair pose

  • Stand back-to-back with your partner and keep a distance between legs.
  • Slowly move forward legs and lean on partner’s back for support.
  • Interlace your arms with your partner if you can.
  • Exhale and slowly squat down in the chair pose by adjusting legs.
  • Hold this position for few seconds.
  • Return to the initial position by walking feet back.

6. Temple pose

Benefits: It opens up shoulder and chest 

How to do Temple pose

  • Stand upright facing each other and keep a few feet distance.
  • Keep your feet wide apart.
  • Inhale, extend your arms and bring forward until the hands meet.
  • Slowly begin to fold forward and keep your and partner’s hands, elbows and forearms rest on each other.
  • Keep chest, abdomen parallel to the floor by bending body at 90 degrees.
  • Hold this pose for few seconds.
  • Now, slowly walk towards each other and bring the torso upright and free each other’s hands.

7. Wide-Legged Boat pose

Benefits: It improves core strength. 

How to do wide-legged boat pose

  • Sit on the mat facing your partner.
  • Keep feet flat on the mat by bending knees and touch each other’s toes.
  • Firmly hold each other’s hands.
  • Lean on your back as far as possible and lift your knees and feet off the mat 
  • Press soles of both feet on partner’s soles.
  • Eventually, extend your legs up to touch the feet of each other. 
  • Hold this pose few seconds and return to your initial position.
  • Always start yoga poses for two with a warm-up and end with cooling or relaxation poses. For relaxation, lie down flat on the back and hand in hand. Close your eyes and relax.

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In this hurry-up world, no one has time to spend with family and friends. You get double benefits from practicing yoga for two people- health benefit and another is quality time for your near and dear ones. It improves your physical flexibility as well as mental stability.


Q.  What is Acro Yoga?

Ans.  It is an advanced part of partner yoga, a combination of yoga, acrobatics, and Thai massage.

Q. How many people require for Acro Yoga?

Ans. Two or more than two.

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