5 Best Meditation Chair with Back Support Under $350

Meditation is the practice of thinking deeply or concentrating on any particular point or object, which teaches you control over your mind and desires, and gives you a deep state of relaxation and a calm mind.

What is a meditation chair?

Best Meditation Chair

Meditation often requires a complex body posture or a steady position. Sitting for a long period will create pressure on the back and legs that break your concentration and interrupt your meditation session. 

A meditation chair is an essential thing for people who need back support, have some physical difficulties, or can’t able to sit comfortably on the floor.

Benefits of meditation chair

  1. The meditation chair maintains the perfect meditation posture and relieves back pressure

It keeps your back in the upright position which is the best posture for meditation. Good body posture is essential to keep your spinal cord properly aligned as it promotes energy flow during meditation practice. It also prevents stress on the back and legs.

  1. A meditation chair makes you follow a meditation routine consistently 

As it removes the discomfort and distractions that occur due to back and leg pain, and you will get a great amount of comfort and ease in meditation, so you became consistent in the meditation routine.

  1. Meditation Chair is helpful to improve your concentration

When your body feels comfortable and relaxed, your mind can more concentrate on meditation. 

  1. Meditation chair is easy to move

You can use a portable and easily movable meditation chair while traveling, at different places in the home or the park, etc.

How to choose the best meditation chair- tips

Choose a chair according to: –

  • Your height, weight, back comfort
  • Type of meditation and your preferred position: For kneeling position in meditation, a cushion or bench may be the best choice.
  • Storage space: If you have a scarcity of space, then prefer to buy a foldable chair.
  • Portability: If you enjoy meditation in nature, or if are a frequent traveler, then you can go for a portable chair with carrying handles or bags/cases.

5 Best Meditation Chairs

1. Alexia Ergonomic Meditation Chair

Ergonomic design supports your legs and no body weight on feet. The seat with a slope helps you achieve the correct spine posture. It is suitable for a cross-legged position.

Without back support
Not Portable and not useful for other meditation positions. 

2. Best Budget Meditation Chair: bonVIVO Easy III

The budget-friendly, multipurpose, lightweight, and portable chair provides maximum comfort for sitting and reclining. It provides good support to the back.

Cons: No extra lumbar support. Very thin material used as a cover.

3. Friends of Meditation Extra Large Relaxing Meditation and Yoga Chair

An extra-large meditation chair provides a comfortable posture. Chair design adapted by Dhyan Unmesh (Osho Meditation Facilitator) India. It is multipurpose, the cover is removable and easily cleanable. It has longer-legged support and an extra cushion for lumbar support fits for tall people up to height 6’2”.

Cons: No adjustable back support for learning need to readjust the cushions at every unpack process.  

4. Malu Luxury Padded, Portable Floor Chair with Back Support 

This chair is multipurpose, foldable, and portable. It has 5 adjustable backrests. Thick foam padding provides super comfort. The chair cover is easily removable and washable. 

Cons: Not provides proper support for the cross-legged position and other complex postures

5. Mindful, Modern Folding Pro Meditation Chair

This chair is foldable and provides soothing back support for mindfulness. 90-degree positioning provides you comfort during meditation. A portable buckwheat-filled cushion provides better posture and comfort during longer mindfulness sessions.

Cons: Back support locking system does not work well after a long time

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