7 Types Of Meditation – Tips to choose perfect Meditation

Meditation is the way to understand your mind. You will find different types of meditation generally categorized based on religious views and scientific views.

The purpose, styles, the duration can be varied for different types of meditation. Some meditations are done for focus and concentration, some for deeper self-awareness, some for reduced stress, emotional wellbeing, and some to connect with God or the universe, etc. 

To get the proper benefits from meditation choose the best meditation technique that suits your personality and meets your needs. 

7 popular types of meditation 

best Different Types Of Meditation

The number of types of meditation is huge but here we are discussing only 7 popular mediations.

  1. Concentration meditation
  2. Breathing mediation
  3. Emptiness meditation
  4. Contemplative meditation
  5. Mindful meditation
  6. Observation meditation
  7. Spiritual meditation

1. Concentration Meditation

The two types of Concentration Meditation are

  • Object
  • Sound


Here, consider the example of a candle flame, concentrate on the flame. Now slowly close your eyes and imagine the candle flame is invisible.

Afterward, slowly open your eyes and again concentrate on a flame. Repeat this imagination until you feel focused and calm.


Sit in a comfortable posture, close your eyes and listen and focus on the Meditation Music. While meditating like this count your breath, repeat the sound in your head, try to understand the meditation sound vibrations.

It enables your awareness of your body.

2. Breathing mediation

This technique is most common and popular. In this focus your attention on the breathing process, breath in and breath out. Don’t try to change the breathing pattern, it doesn’t matter if your breath is short and shallow or long and deep. Just concentrate on your breath.

This practice will increase your concentration and focus and reduce stress, anxiety, and negative thoughts. The Faizaan system is very simple and easy to do.

When you start breathing meditation with a clear and relaxed mind, you will enter into a deeper state of mind.

3. Emptiness meditation

Emptiness meditation gives you the perception of the absence of inherent existence.

Sit in a comfortable meditation posture, and focus on the mind. Wherever we feel emptiness in our brain we will try to be the focus on that emptiness. After that, you will feel calm.

4. Contemplative meditation

In this type of meditation, we have to ask a question to our mind who am I? We get many answers like I am an engineer, doctor, police, rich person, poor person, unsuccessful person, etc.

Just leave these positions or labels we have assigned to ourselves.

Inhale deeply and close your eyes and tell yourself that I am a precious soul gifted by God. My presence on earth is just magnificent. 

5. Mindful meditation

Which meditation is best from the different types of mediation for beginners? Yes, the answer is Mindful Meditation. It is a simple meditation practice.

If you are an over-thinker person your mind is constantly busy with past and future thoughts. You are aware that you neither change the past now nor know the future.

We are just wasting our valuable time and not focusing on the present situation in front of us. We are capable to handle the present scenario and can easily throw out stressful thoughts or overthinking.

Recognize the power of the present and cultivate it in your daily life and get mental, spiritual wellbeing and, physical health. 

Whatever you do, do it mindfully. Be in the present by asking different questions to your mind about the present situation like what are you doing? What are you feeling while doing it? What are your bodies and mind’s action and reaction to it? etc.

Observe your thoughts and emotions at each and every moment. it helps you be more aware of the present moment.

Meditation helps us to release the overthinking and makes the mind very clear and active participant in the present situation, We can organize, plan, analyze efficiently and set the goals of life with greater and positive thoughts and dedication because of only mediation.

6. Observation meditation

In this meditation just observe and concentrate on what you are thinking in your mind, don’t get distracted by any other thought.

Just see what happens in your mind and let it go. When you practice this kind of meditation and can control your thoughts then you become a good and clean observer.

7. Spiritual meditation

Spiritual meditation is a very popular traditional meditation technique. This is a unique meditation that connects your true self. With this meditation, one needs to discover yourself, make a friendship with yourself, and ask yourself who you are.

Acknowledging and accepting who you are, are two important things to befriend yourself.

This meditation helps to get a superpower such that we can heal ourselves, we can view our past life, and we can see the vision of the future by discovering ourselves as the best human soul to serve the earth goddess. It opens your mind to different perspectives and views. By this, you will discover joy and happy well-being.

There are many ways to do spiritual meditation as per different religions and traditions. Example: Mantra chanting in Hindu, Zazen in Buddhism, Contemplative Prayer in Christian, etc.

What are the tips to choose perfect meditation?

First, find out the reason, why you want to do meditation, for example: for concentration, to reduce stress & anxiety, spiritual purpose, etc. 

Second, find your interest and capacity to sit, for example: If you cannot sit for a longer time for a medical reason or you are interested in moving rather than sitting then choose movement meditation.

Third, Choose the meditation as per your daily schedule. If you are having a busy schedule, then choose the quick meditation method.

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Meditation gives us relief from overthinking and makes the mind clear and active. As you know that there are different types of mediation, but we have to choose simple and beneficial meditation techniques always.

So, select the best meditation technique which encourages and is beneficial for you. Just do for your well-being and be yourself.

I hope you have understood the Different Types Of Meditation.


Q. Are all types of meditation have the same effect?

A. No. All the meditation types have a common goal of clearing the mind but have different effects on emotional and cognitive skills, well-being, and brains. 

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