Best Meditation for Concentration and Focus in 2022

We can achieve life’s goals by increasing concentration and focus.  With good information and knowledge, we can save more memories in our brains.

This is one of the famous techniques to increase concentration and focus like visualizing an abstract image and creating an interesting story. Our mind remembers extraordinary things.  By using these techniques, we can increase our concentration and focus. 

This leads to an increase in our interest in our life. Meditation for concentration and Focus helps to expand our consciousness of our heart. It connects the inner self.

Meditation for Concentration and Focus

best Meditation for Concentration and Focus

Do you want to know why it is so important for us to increase our concentration? Our minds just keep on travel everywhere.  When we watch TV, we get thoughts of our studies and when we start with study, the thoughts of various TV shows come to mind. 

Our mind is not stable always. Therefore, we are unable to concentrate and focus on one of the things.  And our understanding also decreases. 

This leads to a lack of new information and knowledge in our memory and it can become a hindrance in our progress.  To be successful in life, it is always necessary to upgrade.

Steps to Improve Focus and Concentration:

3 Types of Meditation to improve focus and concentration:

  • Mantras Meditation
  • Samatha (object meditation)
  • Seal Meditation (mudra Meditation)

1. Mantras Meditation

 1) OM (A U M) – OM mantra is a powerful sound in itself.  It’s the spiritual science that removes the obstacles and purifies our minds.  Chanting of this mantra causes vibration in our body and mind has healthy benefit our mind, soul and our whole body. 

Chanting of “AAAA” improves our nervous system,” OOOO” chanting helps to clear our throat, and “MMMM” chanting purifies our brain.

OM mantra reduces stress and improves our concentration. Since you isolate yourself from the world while reciting OM, you start occupying yourself from each thought that distracts your brain.

 2) Soham– Soham means  I am He. It means I am the only soul on the earth. I am a cosmopolitan consciousness. While chanting Soham we feel that I am he, I am not a body.

When we inhale in and exhale out this mantra creates a deep effect on our mind.  At the time of breath in I am here and we breathe out you will notice that breathing goes slowly when concentration becomes strong.  The mind will become calm with inner self voice.

2. Samatha (object meditation)

It is a very powerful technique of Meditation for Concentration and Focus. We have to concentrate on an object in our mind. 

It is called visual meditation with any external thing like a flower, waterfall, etc which connects within us.  Object meditation helps to maintain the focus of our mind on the thing imagined in front of us.

Decide objects by looking at our present mental state i.e. emotion and feelings.

  1. when we feel – distracted- flower leaf
  2. when we feel – dull- breathing, waterfall
  3. when we feel- anger- flower cup music
  4. when we feel- lust-.  rock
  5. when we feel- restless- music-guided meditation.

Our focus will be on the object and thoughts are coming to this mind.  He has to see us empty and let it go and bring our focus back to the object. 

We can practice this meditation for one month.

3. Seal Meditation ( mudra Meditation)

We can change the energy flow by changing the hand geometry.  With posture, we can concentrate our entire energy at a certain place of the body. This is called hakini mudra. 

It is also called brain power posture because it increases energy in the command cycle.  This increases our thinking power and creative power along with concentration and focus. 

It is used to activate our Ajna chakra so-called the third eye which focuses our mind in extremely powerful ways.

Shambhavi Meditation with Hakini Mudra

Sitting in any meditation posture comfortably.  Bring your hands on the knees, now bend your index finger towards the thumb, joining both fingertips forming a uniform circle.

Keep other fingers relaxed. Now close your eyes and concentrate on breathing. Feel your breath entering and exiting through nostrils then slowly shift your focus by placing your thumb tip to the” third eye chakra” that is the space between our nose and eyebrows.

By applying this way, we will be able to open up to the higher consciousness and our spiritual energy.  This third eye is actually called a command center. It interacts with our insights beyond illusions.

you will slowly relax your hands. While eyes closed,  expand the thought process and meditate on the stillness of eyes. Breathe slowly in and out 7 times and open your eyes slowly. 

For this meditation practice, While inhaling, touch your upper palate and bring your tongue back to its place while exhaling.

We can experience vibrations in the upper palate of the tongue and in the space between the eyebrows. We can practice this mudra from 1 minute to 30 minutes.

Shambhavi Meditation for Concentration and Focus

The time of sunrise is good and we have to do it empty stomach. Each time 6-minute practice is enough for beginners, Gradually increase this period after 2 weeks of practice.

This Meditation for Concentration and Focus is very effective in the early morning with an empty stomach.

Research on focus and concentration during meditation practice:

 1. A group of 30 people was taken to Shambhala mountain center for 5 weeks to practice meditation.  And he practiced daily meditation for 5:30 hours in 5 weeks and conducted tests in the research camp there itself. 

There was no change in the speed of 30 people in the test.  But the accuracy increased.  The test was deliberately made boring even then his focus and concentration were seen as high.

  Because in meditation, there is an exercise of the prefrontal and parietal cortex.  This increases concentration and focuses on our brain.

 2. The University of Cordina held a four-day meditation camp and got 20 minutes of meditation daily for four days. 

It was seen that there was a concentration increase of students.

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We can increase our Concentration and Focus with this Meditation. It also increases the creativity of a person and decreases stress.

It promotes the clear thinking of our brain. Regular practice of this mudra converts the person into a charming one.

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