15-Minute Meditation For Stress Relief and Sleep

Whenever we are in a problem or a stressful situation, we need to control our minds and easily overcome this problem.

In daily life do some Meditation for Stress Relief which can help you release tension, worries, and stress. Search the solution, think of answers. Meditations help to maintain the peace of our mind and give us a path to what we want in our life.

Reasons to Create Stress and Anxiety?

Guided Meditation for Stress Relief and Sleep

Our environment is surrounded by different moments or events. Our mind creates different interpretations on surrounding bases.

For example, in Covid-19, the infectious disease is spread all over the world causing 16 Cr total cases, among that 9.58 Cr has been recovered and up to 33.2 Lakh, Patients died all over the world. This pandemic disease has caused a large negative impact on our mental strength.

It has affected traumatic stress on our bodies. 16 to 18% of people are affected by anxiety and depression, poor sleep quality.

It is natural to be a bit conscious if we have found our neighbor has been detected as Covid positive patient or your children are away from school, or someone whom you love gets sick.

These situations are obviously scary to think about but by mediation, we can cope up with Meditation for Stress Relief and anxiety.

Reasons for Stress and Anxiety

8 Reasons which leads to stress and anxiety are as follows:

1. Frustration

When we failed in case or we don’t get what we need. We get an angry feeling. This feeling is called frustration.

2. Desire

Most people have a strong desire but they don’t get what they wish strongly. This leads to stress.

3. Expectation

It is a belief that something will happen or it will come in our ways. We have lots of expectations from our loved ones, relatives, family, etc. If they don’t meet our expectations we get nervous about them or we don’t care about them afterward. This is one of the symptoms of stress.

4. Pressure

We feel like something presses on you like some stressful situation can cause you a severe headache. More than 20% of people say that they have money pressure because of the big family. Pressure from work or business, family relationships, etc. This leads to severe depression or stress in our life.

5. Conflict

Conflict means opposition. It is caused due to differences in thoughts, understanding, different ideas on the same thing or object, interest. This leads to arguments in relationships and one can lose the piece of life.

6. Change

Change means it is an essential difference in the loss of original identity. If the changes are negative it can change the person into depression. But if the change is good it can lead to progress and peaceful life ahead.

7. Need

You want something which is very important in your life. If we don’t get it then we feel upset or stressed. It leads to a lack of confidence.

8. Comparison

Many of our times we are compared with our family, friends, office colleagues, society.  We may find ourselves lacking when we are compared socially or competitive comparison. This creates stress in relationships. Keep yourself away from such kind of negative stressful social comparison.

Guided Meditation for Stress Relief

Sit relaxed with your back straight and close your eyes. Breathe in and out 7 times. Relax your body.

1. Turn on your mediation Relaxation music. Close your eyes and remember and recollect the main reason for your stress.

2. Take a deep breath in and out. Relax to mind. Relax your body muscles now. Focus on a deep breath with new energy. Hold your breath for count 10.

3. When we understood the root of the problem then set our mind I accept my problem and I’m ready to face it keep saying when you feel better then stop.

4. Relax your foot and focus that our body tension flowing away from our body. Let’s focus on the solution to our problems. Think of solutions. Release your tension.

5. Keep thinking about the solution. Take a long breath and say yes, you have the solution for this problem and I can solve it very easily.

6. Think about what’s your present right now. And imagine the good moments that are always with you to your strength.

7. Guided Meditation for Stress Relief, Stay in a relaxed state, breathing deeply and slowly. Imagine and see that the sun is setting over the water, feel the cool water on your bare legs, feel the clean and fresh air.

8. Feels Good, give a smile on your face.

9. Deep breath 7 times.

10. Open your eyes slowly with a smile and start your work with a fresh mindset.

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As per research meditation has shown a long-term impact on being peaceful life. Guided Meditation for Stress Relief helps us to reduce stress, anxiety, negative thoughts of our mind.

Meditation gets relief from stress and anxiety. Practice again and again.

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