How to Yoga for Weight Loss Beginners in 2022

Yoga for Weight Loss Beginners

A healthy weight not only makes you feel better about yourself but also prevents medical conditions such as diabetes, heart diseases, breathing problems, back pain, knee pain, etc.

How Does Yoga Ideal for Weight Loss?

how to yoga for weight loss beginners

Yoga, an ancient practice used in India for enhancing mental and physical health. It involves breathing techniques, physical postures (asanas), and meditation, and relaxation.  

We know that exercise is important to maintain a healthy weight. Many people choose to go to gyms for weight loss training but some of them find it difficult or uncomfortable to make this routine.

But you can do yoga in your own house at your comfortable time without any equipment.

Yoga burns lesser calories than other workouts, but some of the yoga flows when done at moderate to high speed can make you sweat and helps you to get in shape.

Also, yoga poses (asanas) include breathing techniques that improve metabolism, regulate blood flow and revitalize. 

Yoga relieves stress, which is one of the main causes of weight gain.

Best Yoga Poses (Yoga asanas) for Weight Loss:

5 Best Yoga Poses for Weight Loss:

  • Chaturanga Dandasana (Low Plank)
  • Virabhadrasana (Warrior Posture)
  • Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)
  • Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand)
  • Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation)

Here are some yoga asanas you can do for weight loss. 

1.Chaturanga Dandasana (Low Plank)

       Chatur – four, Anga – limb and Danda- staff

It is the best pose to build up your core muscles. It also tones the abdominal muscles. 

Chaturanga Dandasana pose

How to practice this pose?

It is the same as like push-up position. Lift your body on your limbs upward from the ground.

  • Do plank pose with your hands under your shoulders.
  • Straighten your legs, few inches above the floor and parallel to it, with your toes turned inwards.
  • Bend your elbows until shoulders are at the same height as per elbows.
  • Come up to plank pose. 

2.Virabhadrasana (Warrior Pose)

Veera – Warrior Bhadra – good, auspicious; Asana – Posture

This pose helps you tone your arms, shoulders, back, and thigh muscles and it improves your concentration. It also helps to decrease your stomach fat and contract your abdominal muscles.

Warrior Pose

How to practice this pose?

  • Stand straight with your legs wide apart from the ground. 
  • Turn your right foot by 90 degrees and left foot by 15 degrees. 
  • Lift both arms sideways to shoulder height with your palms facing upwards.
  • Bend your right knee. Make sure your right knee and right ankle are in a straight line. Stretch your arms and keep your pelvis down. 
  • Hold the yoga posture like a leading warrior champion. 
  • Start your breathing out as you go down. Breath in, come up. 
  • Bring your hands down from the sides. 
  • Repeat this yoga for the left leg side

3.Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)

Trikona – Triangle; Asana – Pose

This pose helps to reduce belly and waist fat. It improves the blood circulation of the entire body. 

Triangle Pose

How to practice this pose?

  • Stand straight and keep your feet apart.
  • Turn right foot by 90 degrees and left foot by 15 degrees approx. 
  • Make sure that your feet are touched to the grounds. 
  • Bend your body to the right and keep your waist straight.
  • Raise your left hand upwards side and right hand down towards the floor.
  • Keep both arms in a straight line. Stretch your left arm toward the upward side as per your shoulders level.
  • Now you can see your body is bent sideways and your Pelvis are wide open.
  • Stretch your body as possible as you can.
  • Exhale and inhale slowly and come up, bring your arms down to your sides, and straighten your feet. 
  • Repeat this yoga from the other side

4.Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand):

It helps in strengthening the competitive body, abdominal muscles, and legs.

Shoulder Stand

How to practice this pose?  

  • Lie down on the back with hands-on your side. 
  • Lift your legs in such a way that you lift with your shoulders high. 
  • Support your back with the hands.
  • Now gather your elbows close to each other, and move your hands along your back. 
  • Keep your legs straight and press the elbows down to the floor and hands in the back. Your whole-body weight should be supported on your shoulders and upper arms. 
  • Lift your heels higher towards the ceiling. Now point the toes up. Hold your neck strong.  If you feel any strain or pain in the neck, slowly move down with your position. Keep breathing deeply. Hold this yoga position for 60 seconds.
  • After this lower the knees to the forehead. Bring your hands back to the floor. Lower the legs to the floor. Relax for a minimum of 60 seconds.

5.Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation):

Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation includes 12 powerful yoga poses. It should be done early morning which gives a positive and excellent outcome. It also improves the blood circulation of the body. This pose is the best to lose weight.

how to yoga for weight loss beginners

How to practice this pose?

  • Join your hands at the center of the chest like a prayer 
  • Raise your hands straight up above your head and bend backward to stretch your back. 
  • Join your hands in prayer position without bending your elbows. 
  • Bend forward and keep your spine straight, and try to touch the head at your knees. 
  • Sit down and push one leg back as in a stretching position, make sure hands are rested on the ground on either side of the front leg. Take another leg back. Keep your body in a straight line. Arms should be in an erect position and the face should be lifted slightly upwards.
  • Bring both knees down to the floor, take your hip back and bend forward. Eight parts of the body- both hands, feet, knees, chest, and chin should touch the floor.
  • Lift your body above the waist, bending it slightly backward. Make sure your legs and thighs are touching the ground and your back is in a half-circular position.
  • Lift your waist upwards and arms fully stretched with hands and legs resting on the ground. 
  • Hold your leg behind. After that slowly come back to your position.

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Yoga for Weight Loss Beginners Tips: –

  • A person who is pregnant or has any medical condition should consult a healthcare professional before practicing yoga.
  • Beginners should avoid advanced poses because they may hurt you.
  • Learn yoga in yoga classes or under the supervision of experts. 
  • Watch YouTube videos of yoga poses for your better understanding.

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