What is the Worship of God and 7 ways to worship daily?

We start worshiping him. It is the spiritual connection between us and God. We trust God’s power.

What is the Worship of God?

Worship of God

Worship means true devotion. Worship of god means showing great admiration for god. When we understand the truth of God, We thank for good and get blessings. He is the creator of the universe. He only creates the problems in our life so that we can trust his plans and overcome the problem easily.

When we pray for God, Our problems become small and  God grows bigger.

Here are 7 ways to pray daily as follows

What are the ways to worship God daily? How to Pray daily  In our daily busy routine, We forget to thank god for every moment. We forget that he is always with us. But we need to take few moments to thank god for our busy schedule.

  1. Start your day with worship music or any prayer on mobile instead of spending the time to check phones. Listen to prayer and thank him for giving us a new fresh day to live.
  2. Take a few minutes and pray purposely to god, as he wants to hear from you in your sweet voice. Tell him the problems you are facing and ask for blessings to solve them. You cant chant different mantras also. He has given you one desired life to struggle with and make a golden one.
  3. Write down all things coming in your mind on one paper, and list things you can see that good things have happened because of god’s blessings.
  4. Now list out all your problems and complaints and think of a solution. Everyone complains about their life about any small resources or capabilities or any chance we missed. Recollect all complaints and turn into Good quote and work for the solution.
  5. God has created everything in the universe, He has created birth, death, soul, nature, human beings, animals, creatures. He has created the “Earth” to live in as our home.  He cares and loves every little thing on earth. Appreciate his valuable time and thank him for his beautiful creations.
  6. Appreciate everybody around us. Appreciate the one who failed you, and appreciates the one who supported you for being successful. Love both. Be a positive person, Give a big thanks to everybody because each one teaches you the lesson of life.
  7. Take time in a day to love yourself. God gave you a big gift called “Birth”. Cherish your life. Love being yourself. Nowadays people are struggling for self-love indeed. Learn new things always. Encourage yourself because God loves to see you being struggling.

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Through the Worship of God, We appreciate being simple over the complex life. When we worship him we get closer to him in each step.

We experience him. We feel that his presence is real. We are blessed with his grace upon us. Prayer is the power of recovering and healing.

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