Meditation with OM Sound Connect to the Supreme Energy

OM is an ancient mantra and Sanskrit word which has the power to feel our mental and physical elements. It is om sound of the universe.

Meditation with OM Sound

Meditation with OM Sound

The powerful sound of chanting ‘OM’, creates vibration in our body and mind. We also feel vibrations in the surroundings through Meditation with OM Sound. It heals our body and mind. We feel peaceful and relaxed. 

OM is the origin of all sounds. The word OM is made up of 3 letters.

  • A (ah) is for the origin,
  • U (oo) is for the development,
  • M (mm) is for the merger in creator

In the Yoga Sutra, Patanjali explained OM word represent three powers

1. creation

2. preservation

3. transformation

It shows the future, past, and present.

How to practice OM meditation?

  • Sit on a yoga mat or asana in a meditation position or any comfortable position which suits you
  • Close your eyes. 
  • Keep attention on your breathing. Do not breath forcefully. Inhale and exhale deeply seven times.
  • Relax your body and now start chanting OM (ॐ) and feel your inner vibration.

Many YouTube videos for perfect chanting available on the internet. Follow them for a better understanding.

There is a specific way of pronouncing the word OM (AUM) to get its real healing effect. Listen to the pronunciation of ‘A’ ‘U’ ‘M’ from the Indian Devanagari script. ‘A’ sound comes from the stomach, ‘U’ from the chest and throat, and M (sound of Humming) comes from your head or thoughts.

Pronounce ‘A’ seven times, then ‘U’ seven times, and ‘M’ seven times in one go, then do repetitions of it. It creates vibration in the whole body. It fills your body and mind with positive energy.

The best time for Meditation with OM Sound is early morning (4:30 to 6:00 am). If not possible, you can choose your comfortable time for meditation but make sure about the calming environment. You can also chant before or after a yoga session. 

Om chanting helps us in many ways –

  • Om Mantra for deep meditation
  • Om mantra for stress relief 
  • Om mantra for positive energy
  • Om mantra for healing and meditation
  • Om mantra for children or students for sharp memory and concentration on study
  • Om mantra brings you closer to your true nature and self
  • Om mantra for better immunity and self-healing power.
  • Om Mantra for cardiovascular benefits
  • Sound ‘U’ is created by vocal cords beneficial for thyroid glands and the throat.

Tibetan singing bowl produces an OM sound when played. This singing bowl is used for the treatment of headache, knee pain, and spinal cord, lungs, thyroid. We can also do meditation on the music or sound produced while playing. We get the experience of universe sound from this singing bowl.

What you Experience during OM meditation

In om meditation, with every chat, you will start feeling lighter and lighter as water. The powerful sound of ‘OM’ creates powerful positive vibrations which dissolve our negativity. You feel weightless and thoughtless during mediation. For this wonderful experience, you must start the meditation.

Whenever you do OM meditation, keep a glass of water in front of you and see the power through OM mantra. You will be found vibrations in the water also. Try this.

The common belief is that chanting108 times is the right number. The highest level of vibration is said to happen when we repeat a mantra 108 times. Don’t worry about it! Start if from five times and you can gradually build up from there.

Don’t think that doing less is not going to work. Yes, it won’t be powerful, but you’ll get benefit from it.OM is supreme sound and you found its influence in all religions including Sanatan, Buddhism, Jain, Christin, etc. But I think, beyond all the religions as there is the sound of the universe- ‘OM

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You can use any OM (AUM) chanting method of your own choice. Through Meditation with OM Sound chant it, feel it, experience it, and connect with Om sound of the universe.

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