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The Second House is commonly called the House of Possessions. Specific possessions covered by the Second House include income, investments. Debt is also part of the second house here.

Money, the acquisition of our own money and debt, savings, budgeting, and financial status are all ruled by the 2nd House in Vedic Astrology. The second house is traditionally ruled by Taurus and its ruling planet is Venus. 

The influence of beneficial planets in the second house leads to smooth family life and well-managed finances.

Planets of the 2nd House in Vedic Astrology and their significance are as follows:

2nd house astrology

Let’s see the impacts of all planets in 2nd house as follows:


This person will be a leader and have good relationships with all colleagues. He/She could get income from the government. They will have difficulty with savings. Ego problems can arise within family members.

A person will feel confident about family, He will consider family as a priority. The person may have eye problems or headaches. A person will be fond of Gold and would love wearing jewelry. The face will be bold and confident.


Moon in the second house makes the person happy, joyful with a large family. When Moon is in the second house, the person should preferred business as his profession. Earnings and income of money through females are marked with a person having moon in the second house.

A person will have a sweet and charming face. Mother will play an important role in the family. A person will face cough and cold problems. Money-saving will not be stable.


When Mars acquires the second house makes the person will quarrel with all because of straightforward communication or harsh talks. Mars in 2nd will cause friendship with evil-minded people. ‘Abhaya Yoga’ will impact the person with longevity and good fate.

There might be a cut mark on the face. A person may face problems with finance. A person can get benefit from the real estate business. A person should take care of words while speaking as it may cause conflicts in relationships.


When mercury is in the second house person can earn by e-commerce, business activities related to communication skills. Mercury in the second house makes the person intelligent. They are sweet and soft speaking. They earn money cleverly and wisely.

Their lifestyle is very simple. this person will be from a business background. they may work in the banking sector. Relation with family and in-laws will be communicative and good.


In the second house with Jupiter, the person needs to take great trouble and make great efforts to earn money wealth. this person will be with sincere personality and great positive thinker and jovial.

They usually carry a magnetic personality with influential attire. They may face the problem of obesity. Person interest will be in astrology or tarot reading. The family will be lucky to them.


Venus in the second house usually indicates a healthy person and a sweet voice. Money will come to them readily with fewer efforts and usually through favor from others and mostly via females.

Their spouse will be beautiful and with nice culture. Family members will be included in creativity or banking work. The family environment will be luxurious. A person will gain financially with a female partnership. A person will have a very harmonious and lovely relationship with their spouse forever.


Saturn in the second house shows a person with harsh speech. A person will not be easily mixed with people or social life. A person will feel that he is not getting enough love from family. Earning a livelihood is tough.

Your savings will be slow. Financial growth will occur after 30-35 yrs of age. The person will be less talkative and reserved personality.  A person will face some problems in marriage. Relation with spouse will be duty oriented. If a person goes away from home for a career it will be good for him for progress. A person needs to take care of adjustments with family. 


The position of Rahu in second gives money through unethical sources and foreign connections. Financial affairs will be fluctuating. The person may have eye problems, Person can feel problems regarding family-related matters. The speech will be inappropriate. Wealth will be outstanding.


2nd House in Vedic Astrology Ketu gives the communication skill with forgetfulness of words and sentences and has a tendency of leaving the sentences incomplete. Hence people will misunderstand this person due to this nature.

A person may get success in spirituality, mystical sciences or arts or serving service in hospitals, hospitality. A person will face problems with the eye. The person will feel sad usually but will be innocent with everyone. A person will always talk with people with spiritual touch always. Financially will be not good as such.

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Every Planet in 2nd House has its specific own influencing energy, universal force, and specific characteristics. The aforesaid points are general as there are many ruling factors behind these results such as directions, aspects, dignity, combinations, strength.

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