3rd House Astrology | 3rd House in Vedic Astrology

The 3rd house is related to Gemini Sign. Mercury is related to the third house. The 3rd house is the best house for Moon, Mars, Venus, and Saturn. But it is a weak house for Mercury.

The 3rd House Astrology relates to communication, siblings, creativity, intelligence, interests, and habits. The third house is all about staying connected, bonding, loving with our family members. relatives, friends.

What are the Effects of all Planets on the 3rd House Astrology?

3rd House Astrology

Let’s see the effects of planets below:


It makes the person confident and determined. It also makes the person wealthy and full of courage. There will be gains from business rather than a job. The person may become intolerant if he doesn’t get inspiration in life.


The third house indicates that a person will take care of siblings. A person will love education, new design dresses, and lovely food. A person will love traveling. He will suffer from a breathing problem. He will be a cruel and careless person. Moon indicates irritated, poor fate, and accidents in travel.


If Mars is in the third house the person will be either youngest or eldest in siblings. Strong and capable of making future decisions.

A person will have a healthy, intelligent, patient, and entrepreneur skillset. It also indicates that even if a person is rich, he will not be able to enjoy his/her life. Afflicted Mar can give a tendency of suicide.


Mercury indicates good education, sharp memory for a person. He will have knowledge of science-related subjects. A person will be imaginative and good education in the future.


Jupiter in the third house will lead to a rich and wealthy lifestyle. It is good for the teaching profession. This person will have an elder brother. A person will be optimistic, kindhearted, philosopher and will enjoy living with good friends. 


Venus in the third house will lead to a delay in marriage. It also indicates a not good married life or more than one marriage. Strong Venus indicates a person will have good knowledge about beauty, art, music, and literature. Also, this person will enjoy great friends and relatives.


Strong Saturn indicates a responsible person and capable of deep thinking. A person will be always interested in philosophy. 


Rahu in the third house indicates a Strong and wealthy person and surrounded by friends around. Rahu in 3rd house indicates an influential personality. He will have a good fate and a good relationship with neighbors. He will love to travel and writing.


Ketu in the third house results in a wealthy lifestyle with a sharp mind. This person will win over enemies, competitors at his/her work. He will be famous, fateful and enjoys good food taste always. Weak Ketu is indicating fear and losses from friends or beautiful women of the opposite sex. It also indicates mental harassment etc.

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The Third house is also commonly known as the House of Siblings. It tells about communication, mental intelligence, travel, creativity, and habits. Also, our communication skills, the way we engage with people are also ruled by the 3rd House Astrology.

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