What does it mean when you dream about someone: Interesting facts

Our brain is the most active part of our body. When we sleep at night because of intense brain activity we have Rapid Eye Movement sleep we have a dream. Researchers have found that our dreams last between five to 20 minutes. Also, 90 percent of dreams are forgotten immediately when we awake in the morning.

What is the science behind every dream?

What does it mean when you dream about someone

There are several possible explanations for where our dreams come true. Some researchers explain that dreams may include events or maybe an outcome in the future.

It is a kind of reflection of possibility in our future. What does it mean when you dream about someone? Dreaming about someone or any particular thing means that it is indicating that something is related to that person or something is related to us in a positive relation. A dream is our action with conscious or subconscious memories which happened in our past.

When do we generally dream?

When we are sleeping, we all dream, but there are some events when our mind is experiencing stressful situations. If we are experiencing extra pressure in our life or anxiety or any traumatic event, we may have nightmares or vivid dreams at night.

  • In childhood: Children may experience types of dreams, like nightmares or horror dreams.
  • During pregnancy: Sleep and hormone changes during pregnancy can cause dreaming patterns. Women can experience vivid dreams and nightmares. 
  • While Sad: A person may have meaningful or vivid dreams that mean an intense dream which is felt like a real one.

How to interpret or dreams? What is the meaning of a dream?

Here are some 10 meanings of some common dreams for all as follows:

1. Being Catch Up or Hold Someone:

In our dream, we see that we are holding someone or something while falling, it means that we are avoiding issues in our life. The issue needs your immediate attention and you need to solve this problem.

2. Falling One:

We are falling from high points somewhere it means that something in your life is going out of control like it might be a job, money, or your relationships.

3. Being Naked:

Sometimes dreams might be of being naked it means that there is an insecurity of something or being ashamed of something in our life.

4. Failed in Exams:

As a student, this dream is common because of exam fear. But if have graduated many years back and still fail in the exam in dreams it means that something bad is going to happen in your workplace.

5. You are asleep but woke up in the dream:

It is one of the common dreams in which you feel that you wake up in the morning and you start doing your daily routine this is because you are continuously stressed up and worried about the next day.

6. The snake in a dream:

The snake in your dream signifies some threatening fears in our life. Your dream warns you that something is there in your life that you are not aware of at all. Some communities in our society believe that it is a positive sign.

7. Flying in the Air:

These dreams are also called Lucid Dreams. This dream means you are a happy and exciting person on the earth. Everything around you will be positive events happening.

8. Nightmare Dreams:

This dream will be like running in the invisible dark side or it might be very hard to try to run off. This dream says that there is a lack of confidence. It also says that you are in a tough situation where you are very helpless to handle the problem. You have to change some things in life if you see nightmares again and again.

9. Death Dream:

What does it means when we dream about someone? Many possible connections or reflections are telling about that particular person or sometimes we see someone’s death in our dream means there is an end for something and something new is going to start in your life. Sometimes we dream death of or loved ones which are alive in a real-life, it says that there is something is wrong with the relationship with them. It means there is fear of losing them or they might leave you.

10. Murder Dream:

The dream might be of murdering someone which means that there is a feeling of anger that is difficult to control at yourself or someone else in your life. It suggests that the relationship with that person is serious and needs to solve the conflicts.

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There is no strong evidence about the meanings of different dreams. What it really means when you dream about someone? Or dream about something? Every time dreams tell that what the person is experiencing, and psychological developments are occurring in his life.

Our dreams are like stories happening in the daytime with a conscious mind. During sleep, at night we are talking with our own emotions not words during REM sleep when our emotional brain is most active at that time. It is deep talk with ourselves on a subconscious mind level that leads to our dream as frustrating or not possible to happen in real life.

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