How to read a Natal chart in Astrology

What is an astrology birth chart? Is the natal chart the same as the birth chart? Don’t worry the natal chart and birth chart are all the same things in astrology. It is also called a star chart or horoscope chart. Let’s see how to read a Natal chart

Natal astrology is a concept based on our natal chart for the exact date, time, and location of our birth. Natal astrology is found in various traditions like Indian, Chinese, and Western sides.

The birth chart for the individual shows the positions of the sun, moon, and planets among themselves. Our Birth Chart involves zodiac signs and houses of astrology and the overall personality of the person.

How to get your Natal Chart?


We can open any online birth chart calculator application online. Enter your exact Birth Time and Birth Date at the time of your birth. Also, enter the birthplace to generate the birth chart.

The natal chart in astrology includes positions of the sun, moon, and all planets position in different 12 houses of astrology. Each house is under different planets.

What are the symbols of planets in Natal chart?

  • Sun: Circle with a dot in a center.
  • Moon: Half Crescent moon shape.
  • Mercury: Two small lines like horns sticking out of the top circle.
  • Venus: Symbol for female.
  • Mars: Symbol for Male.
  • Jupiter: Same like number 4.
  • Saturn: Same like number 5.
  • Uranus: Looks like upside down way female like symbol.
  • Neptune: Looks like upside down like pitchfork.
  • Pluto: It looks like combination of P and L letter.

How to read your natal chart? Here are the simple steps to read the natal chart as below:

  • Locate your zodiac sign among all signs.
  • Learn or search for meaning of your zodiac sign which will tell about your personality.
  • Understand the all aspects of houses and planets related to your zodiac sign.
  • Now find the ascendants. If the Zodiac is in clockwise, your ascendant can be at 9 o’clock. r first house. The natal astrology chart is divided into 12 sections, Start counting the houses counter clockwise manner, such that the ascendant marking will be at the first house. After this, The opposite point from the ascendant is called as descendant.
  • Understand about all houses.
  • Find the planets as all planets are spread all over the chart with different symbols.
  • Learn about planets because planets are divided into two parts as personal planets and outer planets. Personal planets are the sun, the moon, mercury, Venus, and mars. Outer planets are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune. These planets tells about our personality rather than inner planets.
  • Now finally interpret your planet using houses and signs. Look where the planets appear in your chart.In which house do they appear? Under which sign they are appearing? This will give you forecast of your personality and life predictions.

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The Natal chart in astrology or Natal astrology tells about the path of our life. The Natal chart is based on our birthplace, time, and date of our birth. It involves all about our zodiac signs and houses in the chart and the personality of the individual.

We understand about how to read a Natal chart. The chart tells about the placement of the planets with different signs. As per science, Astrology is considered a pseudoscience. But there is statistical evidence between the natal birth chart and real experience at the individual level.

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