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The 11th house in Vedic Astrology is called as “Labha house”. Labha’s meaning is “gains”. 11th house is of income and gains. It represents our prosperity, profits, wealth, and our income.

The 11th house in astrology also represents our social life. It is also called the house of friendships. It tells about how you make friends easily, what kind of people you would like to do friendship, all answers about our friendship are known from the 11th house.

It also tells about our relationship with friends and siblings. It tells all about our social activities and about our financial gains also. Which signs does the 11th house relate to? Aquarius and Sun sign relates with 11th house.

Planets of the 11th house in Vedic Astrology and their significance are as follows:

11th house in Vedic Astrology


The person will have high ambition to achieve its goals. Sun will be very beneficial to achieve your dreams and success.


The moon will discover you. It will define the emotions towards others. The person would like to live socially. Because of this, it will create a lasting relationship which will be very helpful for the person at a later stage.


If Jupiter is in the 11th house it will create many friendly relations who will offer help whenever needed in the future. Great humanity is reflected through social activities. 


This person will be very popular in social groups. The person will be happy and charming and likes to please everybody around him or her.


The Mars in 11th House makes the person very persistent to achieve their goals. The person will be a strong skilled leader in social groups. But optimistic behavior could lead to a delay in work.


This person will be a very serious type who will value only intellectual things in life. The person will be very creative and will have effective ideas. Success in social activities is shown. 


The person will be practical and determined. Once the trust is built the person will have long-lasting friendships. Money will not be gain easily. Financially it will improve gradually with a lot of hard work. The career will be good in Law or Government field.


With Rahu in the 11th House, there will be great ambitions in technology or the scientific field. They will feel very competitive in this new-age technology world. There will be financial gains through the social group.


The person will have limited dreams in life. Wealth will be abundant. They will not work in the corporate sector. It is shown that financial gains will be steady.

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The 11th house in Vedic astrology represents our success in social life. It also tells about our financial matters. What does the 11th house signify? It is called Labha house as per Vedic Astrology. It tells about our income gains and money. 

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