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What is the 9th house in astrology?

9th House in Astrology is also called as House of Faith and Worship. It is one of the auspicious houses because it is based on our current life with respect to our past life deeds. You might be thinking that which planet is the ruler of the Ninth house?

Who is the ruler of ninth house?

Well,  Jupiter is the natural ruler of the 9th house. It relates to our good luck, wealth, future, wisdom, and spirituality.

What are the Effects of all Planets on the 9th House in Astrology?

9th house in astrology

Different planets effects in the ninth house are as follows:


Well-placed Sun in this house will give a person the religious value for their life. The person will enjoy happiness from his or her children. Due to affliction with Moon or Venus, it might arise a problem with the eyes.


This person will be wealthy and would love to read a lot. The personality will be charming, attractive. The person will have a very good spouse, a mannered son, and will enjoy traveling to religious places.


The person will like to enjoy power and wealth. The person will not follow strict or tough thoughts according to the present circumstances. Mars when placed in the ninth house it forms a “Rajyog”.

The person will get support from the government and will have abundant wealth and well status. The person will be strict by nature and might not have a  good relationship with their father and siblings.


The person will be intelligent and will have an interest in scientific things like scientists, research. He will believe in god and will be obedient to his father.  The person will be good in careers like editor, writer or a teacher. He or She will be an over-thinker and uncomfortable type of person.


If Jupiter is placed in the ninth house it will lead to huge property and will be a very wealthy person. This person will be religious. There will be a good relationship with siblings and father.


The person will love his family life and children. He will be wealthy and will enjoy fully from his own property. The person will love art, music, poetry, paintings, etc.


It may cause separation from the partner so it’s better to suggest avoiding marriage. The person will be adventurous and brave.  He or she will have enough wealth to enjoy life. The person will not take care of parents.


The person may have an egotistic partner. Although this person will be rich but may not enjoy happiness or good relationships from their own family. He or she will have command of anyone foreign language.


This person’s nature will be beyond their control. He or she will be egotistic and arrogant. A person may not have a good relationship with parents. He or she will have a very good partner and children and partner will be good in saving the money.

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The ninth house is considered the place of fortune. What is the importance of the 9th House in Astrology? It tells about our luck, father, religion, and spiritual belief. According to Vedic astrology, the ninth house in the horoscope sows about our fate, When our ninth house is good it is considered fortunate. The religious attitude of each person is known from this 9th House in Astrology.

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