What is the 8th house in Astrology | 8th House in Vedic Astrology

Who is the ruler of the Eight Houses?

The eighth house is ruled by Scorpio and Pluto. The 8th house in astrology is of our birth, death, sex. The management of our relationships and ritual are known from the 8th house.

Our strengthening power is dependent on the 8th house.

What are the Effects of all Planets on the 8th house in astrology?

8th house in astrology

Let’s see the effects of planets below:


The person will be aggressive with poor health. The person will g with benefit from the ancestor property. He will have love to travel.

Natal may have waste or loss in savings. Because of poor health, the person will not be able to enjoy happiness. 


The person may have fear about his profession. If the moon is placed in malefic condition then a person may have a short life. He or she may face asthma, cold disease. The person will get benefit from mother side. The person will like mysterious science.


Mars in the eighth house is not a good sign. There might be the sudden death of a partner possible. Mars in the eighth house indicates that there will be health problems like blood pressure, acidity, and kidney diseases.


Mercury in the eighth house gives a huge amount of wealth and fame in life. The person will get blessings from social excellence or celebrity. 

The person will be truthful and will have a good personality. There might be tension in relationships due to partner or financial issues. Nerve-related issues are possible.


The person may be selfish. He will have a long life. The person will be optimistic and cooperative. Financial gains will come through a partner or family.


Venus in eight houses is not good for married life. Regarding financial struggle, there will be ups and downs. For all aspects of life, a person needs to do a lot of hard work. 


The Saturn in the eighth house will face loss of wealth along with loved ones’ loss. A person will be settled in a foreign country. Marriage can cause profitable life. He or She will get success from the partner.  It may interfere with your health which will make you ill. 


The person will be very gentle. There might be good recognition by the government. He will have very gentle and mature thoughts. The person will enjoy his old age life peacefully.


The person will have benefit from a government or sports career. and perfection in work. This also indicates that a person will have a good character and will enjoy a happy life. The person will have good entrepreneurship skills.

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When the position of the planets is good in the 8th house it will lead to the good fortune of a person. What does the 8th house in astrology signify? It deals with one’s life and death.

It tells about our unexpected incidents in life. One can understand the nature and depth of our life. Hence this house shows about our changes in our life. This all depends on the position of the signs and planets in the eighth house.

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