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12th house is the last house in our Birth Chart. You might be thinking about what is 12th house is about in astrology exactly? The twelfth house completes our life cycle and represents the endings of our life cycle.

It is a very important house regarding our spiritual liberation. The 12th House in Vedic Astrology represents Moksha, it tells about when we will be free from this endless cycle of birth and death and our material life. 

12th house also shows about our Losses, Expenditure, Punishment, Bad habits, Sleep, Meditation, and  Secret enemies.

Is 12th house really that bad in astrology? 

According to Vedic Astrology, the 12th house is the house of our sufferings in life. It is the house of Pisces sign. The 12th house actually shows our completion of a lifecycle. It has both positive and negative effects on astrology.

What is all planet’s significance of 12th house in Vedic Astrology?

12th House in Vedic Astrology

Let’s see the planets effect in the twelfth house as follows:


A great situation of the Sun in the twelfth house will engage the person in many difficulties. the person will have an interest in the mysterious thing. He or She may face day-to-day life difficulties because of the moon. 


The person will like to comfort others and focusing others. Because of this nature, it will be difficult to manage the feelings and will get complicated. The person will think it’s hard to keep any close relationships or close family member connections. 


The arrangement of Jupiter in the twelfth house in Kundli will make the person very kind towards life. The person will have an interest in the mysterious and marvelous things around them. The person will easily manage things effectively and will arise effortlessly. in future. 


Venus in this house will turn the person giving his life into a very important thing in his life. This person will keep and manage secret things of others very safe. This person will be always wandering off in a fantasy world.


Secret things shared with this person could cause monetary harm for this person only. This person will always have extraordinary feelings for others which will lead to their difficulties. There might cause problems with a close one. For self-strengthening, it is advisable that person needs to be more grounded and thoughtful to handle things around. 


The presence of mercury will lead the person very visionary towards life. The person will be religious. Because of poor management, it will lead to disappointment and miscommunication with all.


Saturn in the twelfth house makes the person isolated and disengagement with the external world except for work. Saturn will make the person philosophical. It will make the person engaged in the secrets of life. 


With Rahu in the twelfth house, the person might be inclined to medications. The person will be creative which will turn out the person with very clear and enthusiastic thoughts. Because of the innovative and creative mind, the person will like to go to far-off places. 


A good Ketu in the 12th house reflects that the person will be very active in all activities. Your activities will lead to a thoughtful kind of person. There might be wellbeing danger issues that will cause the cost for it.

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The 12th House in Vedic Astrology is also called as house of losses. But this loss depends on the adjacent planets. The 12th house in the horoscope tells us about our detachments.

What does a strong 12th house indicate? It includes our materialistic desires, expenses, hospitalization, sleeplessness, separation, addictions, etc. The planetary positions keep on changing, One should do good deeds and the rest of things are taken by god.

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