What does it mean when you dream about your Ex? Is it normal?

It’s very annoying when you get up in the morning with Ex in your dreams. You might be thinking of what does it mean when you dream about your Ex Girlfriend or Boyfriend? According to professional dream experts, it says that whatever you see in your dream is not between you and your Ex but it reflects what’s going on with you right now.

It’s very common to dream about your Ex even if you are in a new happy relationship. There are many reasons to explain this type of dream.

Here are Five reasons why you dream about your ex :


1. Grieving about the breakup:

Breakup is a good thing for a non-healthy relationship. We feel very sad about the loss of a special person in our life. But sometimes this happens as things between the two don’t work out well. It’s better to forgive the partner and move on with healthy peace of mind.

2. Suffering from past trauma:

If your past love cheated you or betrayed you then your mind suffers from the trauma of “Trust”. Our subconscious mind will start trying to work for unsolved issues with relationships we have experienced. Because this is a matter of trust factor.

3. Lesson Learning from the past:

When you move on after a breakup, you gain awareness of your minds. When you dream about your ex it’s considered as good as it helps to move on with lessons learned from your previous relationship into your new relationship which will help to grow a new relationship into a happy one.

4. Concluding Relationship:

We dream about our ex because we don’t understand how things ended suddenly. You might be thinking of what went wrong? Does my behavior was rude? Maybe you wished something? It might happen that he or she said something upset and rude and still leaving with him or her. Dream tells about finding the conclusion for the relationship on your own.

5. Someone will hurt again:

After a breakup, it is very difficult for getting over the ex-relationship. There is always a fear of getting hurt badly again, no trust. When you dream about ex it gives you that new relationship might turn same as like previous one, so it’s better to change the relationship with all your strength to work smoothly and happily.

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Dreaming about someone in your dream is a sign of your own capability. It represents yourself. It reflects what you love in your past relationship, and it’s your chance to change and analyze your own behavior.

This type of dream about your “Ex“ tells that it will leave the previous issue unsolved but will impact majorly in your future new relationship. It tells us to strengthen the current new relationship into a caring and bonding one, don’t distract yourself because of your past relationship experience.

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